Top 6 rejected 2017 Tory campaign General Election slogans

Chris Hallam's World View

Philip Takes Out The Rubbish…Now Let Theresa Take Out The Trash!


Vote Theresa May 2016 in an election which definitely isn’t presidential at all, y’all.

Don’t Let Cyber Attacks Ruin Our NHS…That’s Our Job!

Jeremy Hunt nhs

Vote Conservative: Because Who Honestly Likes Going To Hospital Anyway? Exactly. Soon We’ll Make Sure You Can’t Go Ever Again

Pass At 11: And Be Ours Forever!


Vote Conservative: Because If You’re Not Middle Class By Puberty, You Never Will Be

Come On! Theresa May’s Nothing Like As Bad As Thatcher Really…Unless? You Like That Kind Of Thing? In Which Case, She Kind Of Is. Whatever You Want…


Vote Conservative: She’ll U-Turn If You Want Her To. The Iron Lady’s Not Returning

Supported Brexit? Got Your Own Way On It But Still Very Angry About It And Many Other Things For No Real Reason?


Vote Conservative: Because There Might Actually Be Something A Bit Wrong With…

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