Food book review round-up


A Girl Called Jack

100 Delicious Budget Recopies

By Jack Monroe

Penguin/Michael Joseph Paperback

RRP: £12.99

A Girl Called Jack: Update!

Further to our earlier review, we are increasingly finding this to be one of the best food books around. The cost of our own household food shopping budget has been effectively halved with recipes proving tasty, easy to follow and requiring only must use cupboard essentials. There is thus little need to plan far in advance.

Particular favourite have proven to be courgette and mini fritters (p116) and courgettes and creamy Greek cheese and courgette pasta (p98).


Bill’s Italian Food

Bill Granger

Published by HarperCollins

RRP £20

A good book with nice pictures throughout for the aspirational reader who may easily be able to visit Italy themselves. This book was of less use to us personally though.


John Whaites Bakes At Home

Published by: Headline

RRP £20

Few authors write as well about food as John Whaites. With a broad range of recipes (including comparatively obscure ones such as ”Aussie Crunch” which my wife had been seeking out since eating some in childhood), Whaites presents both the most simple and the most complex recipes in a manner which makes either seem easily achievable and retains a good sense of humour in his writing throughout.

Other nice touches include the excellent pictures throughout (although one per recipe at least would be nice), the useful tips section at the front plus the special recipes section at the back. Highly recommended!

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