2000AD Jump On Prog – and a timeline to die for…


Prog 2150 is out this week – a jump on prog with all new stories from the likes of John Wagner on Dredd and Pat Mills Dafoe. A big hitter! You can read more on the 2000AD news site here

I always enjoy dipping into a jump on prog and this looks like a good one! There is some new 2000AD and Megazine subscription offers too, which may be of interest.

Today I saw the pages for the ComicScene 2000AD Timeline which will appear in the next issue of the magazine. It’s looking pretty good, decorated with some fan art we’ve been sent to accompany it. A great compliment to our recent ComicZine special (which you can pick up here ). I am really looking forward to the next issue with other 2000AD inspired exclusives including a major interview with Andy Diggle, Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Metallica Kirk Hammett on…

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