Carlos Ezquerra 1947 – 2018

dreddThe death of Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog co-creator Carlos Ezquerra, brings to an end a unique era in comicshistory. Chris Hallam looks back on a golden career…

Carlos Ezquerra was there right from the start.

It was the mid-seventies and writers John Wagner and Pat Mills were working on a new character: a futuristic cop. Perhaps his name would be Judge Dead or Dread? Or Dredd.

Wagner had worked with Ezquerra, on war comic Battle. Mills approached the young Spanish artist (all three men were then in their twenties) in search of design ideas for the new character. Wagner sent along an advert for the film, Death Race 2000 (1975), in the hope of stimulating ideas. The ad featured a grim, leather-clad motorist in a helmet. Ezquerra took the idea and ran with it, drawing inspiration from his own experience growing up in General Franco’s Spain. Wagner…

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