General Election memories 4: 1992

Chris Hallam's World View

April 9th 1992

Margaret Thatcher and John Major in 1991

The world changed a lot between 1987 and 1992.
The Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union collapsed ending the Cold War. Mandela was freed in South Africa, but a new threat emerged in the Middle East: Saddam Hussein.
In Britain, there was less change. I was fifteen. Britain was still under the same government it had been under when I was two years old.
But even there, there had been change. By 1990, the Tories recognising that Thatcher by then intent on promoting the Poll Tax and inclined to speak about herself using the royal “we” was far more bonkers than anyone on the supposed “loony left” had ever been. Keen to avoid certain defeat, they brutally dethroned her, something the party does not seem to have ever quite recovered from even now.

defence 1992
Instead, we now had John Major of Huntington, Peterborough’s neighbouring seat as…

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