Top ten 2000AD stories which should be made into films

Chris Hallam's World View


Chances are, if you like any comic at all, the last few years will have seen it be made into some sort of film with adaptations ranging from both the biggest (Spider Man, Superman, The X Men) to even the most obscure (Road to Perdition, A History of Violence, Ghost World) comics and graphic novels. Some, such as 2000AD’s most famous story Judge Dredd have been filmed more than once.

But which other stories from the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic are ripe for a big screen outing?

Sam Slade: Robohunter

The pitch: Like Blade Runner. Except funny.

Like Blade Runner, John “Judge Dredd” Wagner’s Robohunter took its inspiration from Philip K. Dick’s novella Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? It was always much more fun than Ridley Scott’s film though (which it predates). Sam’s colleagues included Kidd, an obnoxious man trapped in a baby’s body and the idiotic android, Hoagy and…

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