Man of Steel: A poem/review


Look! Up there in the sky!

It’s time to get cape, wear cape, fly.

Is it a bird, is it a plane?

No, it’s Superman returning (again).

Truth be told, though not a flop,

The last Superman was not much cop,

So now it’s time for a British actor,

To try and win the Krypton Factor.

Henry  Cavill looks the part,

His accent’s decent for a start.

He doesn’t play Clark Kent enough.

But cheer up girls! His shirt comes off!

Michael Shannon excels as Zod,

An evil, contemptuous, little sod.

A tyrant, he is reviled and feared,

(To show he’s aged, he grows a beard).

Young  Kar-El  is under threat from birth,

And becomes the brat who fell to Earth.

Russell Crowe saves his son from Zod,

And doesn’t try to sing (thank God).

At school, Supe faces constant derision,

Cannot control his X-ray vision.

Saves school bus but is often sad,

Attack of wind still kills his dad.

Like this poem, it goes on too long,

Special effects are overdone,

Miss Adams is okay as Lois Lane,

(The best one lived in Wisteria Lane).

That said, this summer, you will see,

No better film than IM3,

For while okay, it’s hard not to feel,

We’ll soon forget this Man of Steel.

I’m sure it’ll make lots of money,

But like Batman should be a bit more funny.

Three out of five is my final score.

Interesting and yet also a bore.


2 thoughts on “Man of Steel: A poem/review

  1. Amy as the Lois Lane
    Vanilla pudding, dull and plain
    Fishburne as the Perry White
    Shameful casting, nothing’s right!

    Russel as the Super dad,
    Is super dull and super bad,

    Where is Jimmy?
    I want Lex!
    True to the comic
    this film rejects!

    Zod is one-dimensional
    boring script, intentional?
    I yawned ten times, I should have left
    I couldn’t take his super cleft!

    A tornado, really?
    He just watched him die!
    It’s not sympathy but
    stupidity that made me cry.

    They left it open for a sequel
    how lame,
    It will probably end up more of
    the same.

    Cheezy writing and CGI fluff
    Just leave it alone, enough
    is enough.

    Walk away, fly away, let
    Superman die
    Reeves and Ms. Kidder set
    the bar high.

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